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Birthdays come every year and we are always looking for something unique and exciting to add to the birthday party. We all understand the importance of inviting friends, providing something to snack on, and sharing some candle-infested dessert. We are also searching for some type of party entertainment to set our birthday parties apart.


Your Balloon Animals offers just that! We provide the best balloon artists on the planet to come out and entertain your guests and party goers.


A balloon artist is entertaining to watch, fun to be around, and also provides favors to the guests to take home. If you want to take your event to the next level and provide a real wow factor to your birthday, consider hiring a professional balloon artist to make balloon creations for your birthday party. A professional balloon artist is skilled at making animals, flowers, and cartoon characters out of balloons.


If you want to make your party even more amazing, add a face painter, magician, juggler, caricature artist, or even a princess to your event as well. These additional entertainers will add one more level of entertainment to your party and allow the children and guests to enjoy the birthday party even more. Whatever you choose, Your Balloon Animals is the way to go for birthday party fun! more. Either way, Your Balloon Animals is the way to go for birthday party fun!

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Kara Mundy

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Add a Juggler


For only $125 more, you can add a complete juggling show that normally costs $225. Get the best in juggling entertainment at your event with our top of the line juggling entertainers!

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Zack's Birthday Party



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